Wood Fire 

Made with 3/16 thick top grade stainless steel with quality in mind. It's taken about 7 years for local Bellingham resident  Randall Orcutt to back engineer and design the Satellite Oven and Grill.  Randall has 30 years of experience in welding and design. Randall owns Weld Shop Mobile Welding in Bellingham Washington.  The Satellite Oven & Grill will last and last for years of special gatherings. Best of all, it is maintenance-FREE. 


For year round barbeque fun. Throw  your favorite steaks, hot dogs, chicken or vegetables on the barbeque. Anything you want to barbeque you can barbeque on the Satellite Oven & Grill. After the barbeque, remove the grill and enjoy the wood fire.

Satellite Oven & Grill  Bellingham Washington 2017