How it Happened

The original idea of the Satellite Oven & Grill began in the Pacific Northwest on a typical rainy Halloween day. I had made a simple fire pit with a steel ring and four pipe legs to warm our guests and visiting children. It was a hit! The next morning while cleaning up and moving the fire pit, I noticed burnt grass where the fire pit had been. I realized the heat exchange under the fire pit would make a good oven. So I set out to build one. The first model which was given to a friend was made of heavy duty steel and is still in use today. I was up late one night thinking about the possibilities of stone and stainless steel. I decided, as a gift for my sister, to build her a stainless steel oven & grill with four legs. high enough off the ground so my brother-in-law, who is the cook in the family, wouldn't have to bend over. My intention was to create an heirloom quality that would last and last with no maintenance. Her "Satellite" is pictured on this site. Of course, after seeing the quality and practical uses my wife wanted one, so I built one for us and improved it. Over the course of the last few years, I have built one for each of my three sons, each time improving upon the previous design and incorporating extra features.
I am happy to say that I can now build one for you. My sister's close friend said, "it looked like a spaceship". We decided to name it Satellite Oven & Grill. I hope you, your family and your friends will enjoy the experience of the "Satellite" as much as we do.

Satellite Oven & Grill  Bellingham Washington 2017