Enjoy our new

Elk Scenery Fire PIt

Elk Scenery with Grill

(Grill sold separately)

Rings available in Steel and 

Non Rust Stainless Steel

The new models of stainless steel firepits are rust-proof made with an 8-inch base ring. They are 3/16th of an inch thick.  They will last nearly a lifetime. They can be purchased with or without the heavy duty stainless steel grill. 

If you prefer the antique-rust look, all models but the Satellite BBQ & Grill can be purchased using mild steel for an economy price. The mild steel is 1/4 of an inch thick and will last for years of backyard enjoyment. 

Enjoy Fite Pit "Thow Down Rings in Decorative Designs or plain Rings

See Price list for details. 

Satellite Oven & Grill  Bellingham Washington 2017